air qualityGood air quality is vital to better health, but that does not apply to what you inhale outdoors. According to Air duct cleaners association, about 40 pounds of dust, as well as dirt and allergens causing disease, are created every year in an average six-roomed home, leading to the pollution of air in these homes. More of these pollutants can be floated around especially if you are rearing pets, smoking cigars or cigarettes inside your house or even in the process of remodeling your home or any other source of mildew or mold, either seen or unseen.

When it comes to heating and cooling system of the home, air ducts play an important role as the entry and exit points. Air is pulled via the return ductwork and later heated or cooled and then pumped back via the supply duct back into your house. This air passes through filters which help in trapping pet hairs, dust, and other sources of allergens. However, the filters are not effective in trapping all these allergens even when you constantly change them according to the recommendations.

After some time, these pollutants build up on your air ducts and then hindering their performance while posing a great risk to you and your family health. The greatest solution therefore solely rests on your ability to clean the ducts using the air duct cleaner. Here are a few but effective tips to help you keep your home and family healthy using air duct cleaner.

duct wallsKnown when to clean the ducts.

With the pollutants hidden behind the duct walls, it may not be easy to tell when they are dirty as in the case of other visible areas in your home. It is therefore essential that you look for every possible indicator to know that your air is not in its best quality. Check whether the temperature is inconsistent all over your home. Identify any person in your home who is suffering from an allergy that is beyond the norm of the season among many other factors.

Decide on whether to hire a professional duct cleaner or doing it yourself.

Cleaning air ducts may not be an easy task especially if you haven’t done it before. It is therefore essential that you hire a professional duct cleaner if you are not well adapted to cleaning ducts. Professional cleaners have the right tools and skills to ensure that the cleaning is done according to set standards. Otherwise, doing the wrong cleaning will not only waste your time but also jeopardize the health of your family.

Change the filters regularly.

Filters are responsible for trapping dust, pet hairs, or any other form of allergens that might pollute the air in your home. However, these pollutants may build up in the filters and prevent them from functioning well. It is therefore recommended that you change your air duct filters after every four or six weeks and replace them with new filters for effective cleaning of the air.

Don’t use chemicals treatments or chemical biocides.

When cleaning the air ducts, it is essential that you don’t use chemical treatments or biocides if you are not sure of the effects as some air ducts may react to chemicals and in the end, get damaged. Read the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer before using any chemical substances.

Keeping your home clean and regular cleaning of the air ducts is one of the ways to keep your family and home healthier. Maintain this practice and be sure that the air in your home will be of the best quality, hence a healthy life.