garage doorsDid you know that an approximately 65% of home intruders enter through the door rather than the windows, and this includes front doors, garage doors, and even patio doors? That is quite an amazing statistic, taking into consideration doors are often made from solid wood whilst windows are delicate glass. However, it is also a great statistic, since it presents us with a starting point for home security.

Burglaries are usually a major concern for most homeowners. But what is the proper way to take care of home safety? Definitely, you might have previously set up a home security system or perhaps you do have a guard dog patrolling your home too. So, what can you do to keep your garage and home doors secure? Here is a guide on how to keep your garage and home doors more secure to prevent burglary:

Get the right doors.

Getting the right doors means getting solid doors and not hollow doors that can easily be kicked out. All your exterior home and garage doors should be solid or at least a door made from the solid wood core. Other choices can be metal or fiberglass doors that are strong enough to withstand external pressure. If you settle on the metallic door, ensure it has the outer part reinforced and a lock block added to it so that burglars cannot bend it open using metallic rods or even car jacks. Reinforced steel doors are the best but option but may require maintenance to prevent rusting.

Replace your windowed exterior doors with windowless doors.

Windowed doors

Windowed doors are easy to break and most often attract most burglars. To enhance the security of your home and garage, it is vital that you all your exterior doors are windowless. You should also not have a window close to the doors because burglars can easily break the windows then open the door to remove your valuables that would otherwise be difficult to pass through the window.

Lock all your doors.

A good percentage of burglars often enter the victim’s home or garage through an open door that has not been locked. Once in a while, people forget to lock their doors and the burglars come testing only to find they are unlocked. This gives them an easy access to your home or garage. It is therefore essential that before you leave your home or garage, always make sure that all your doors are closed even if you are just leaving for some few minutes. You never know, the burglars could just be watching your moves.

Install deadbolt locks.

According to security experts, all exterior home or garage doors should be fitted with deadbolt locks alongside with the lock built into the doorknob except for sliding doors alone. The deadbolt should be of high quality and be installed in the right to avoid lapses that may render it ineffective.

Install deadlocks.

Installing an additional deadlock will boost the security of your home and garage when you are not around. A deadlock is a deadbolt that has no any keys and can easily be seen from outside the door. However, this lock cannot be broken into without destroying the door, door frames or even the lock itself. Even this method may not be of much help when you are not at home, it can really discourage most burglars to try and break the door.

Secure siding doors.

In most cases, burglars think of sliding doors as the easiest kind of doors to break into. In fact, it attracts the most because they know that sliding doors are easy to break. To secure your sliding home or garage doors, ensure that they are made from plastic preferably polycarbonate or reinforced glass and not just thin breakable glass. To prevent forceful opening of the doors, you can install security alarms or motion sensors on these precious doors to sound an alarm in case someone is trying to interfere with them. Always ensure you hang curtains partially on these doors so that burglars cannot have a clear view of what is inside your home.

Install strong door frames.

Doors frames are often overlooked when it comes to door security. The door frame is an important element in regards to door security. A weak door frame can easily be kicked and eventually, your door easily cracks open. For maximum security, install heavy door frames that can withstand an extra force.

I hope that by reading through this article you have got an insight of what you need to do to ensure that your doors are secure enough to keep you and your family safe.